1. Quality:

Have good quality control ability, has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 quality certification system and daily quality meeting shall be presided over by the company top management, review the company's quality situation and the status of the customer complaint, resolution to quickly implement company quality accurately.

2. The cost:

Has a good ability of cost control, every day without decisions COSTDOWN meeting presided over by a general manager, to provide customers with competitive price as our duty; High self-control, from the mold development, plastic injection, silk screen, Ming edition, SMT, wave soldering, IC, finished product assembly, product reached 98% high self-control.

3. Design:

Has independent research and development in software and hardware engineering ability, can software programs written in accordance with customer requirements.

4. Delivery:

Fast delivery capability, from receiving orders to deliver in 12 working days to complete.

5. Service:

Quick customer complaint handling procedure, 4 hours into the customer factory processing quality, aftersale 48 hours written corrective action report.

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