Development course

※ E.Q. Electronics Enterprise Limited , formerly known as Gongguan XIEYI electronics factory founded in 2002, the same year in Hong Kong set up XIEYI (Hongkong) Electronic Enterprise Limited.

※ In 2003, obtained the ISO 9000 & 14000 certification;

※ Q2 2004, set up a PCBA line reflow soldering process;

※ Q3 2005 comprehensive import; lead-free process

※ Q1 to set up injection molding workshop in 2005;

※ Q2 2005 to set up the screen printing workshop;

※ Q1 2006 to set up the name plate production workshop;

※ Q2 establish SMT workshop in 2008;

※ 2009 Q3 increased automation equipment;

※ Q1 set up mould workshop in 2010;

※ Q1 2010, the company changes as dongguan emperor electronic co., LTD.;

※ Q1 2011 injection molding machine do mechanical equipment;

※ Q1 2011 to set up the wave soldering production workshop;

※ Q4 2011 to set up the conductive adhesive production workshop;

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