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Recruitment information:

1. The deputy general manager or business manager (either recruit this position for a long time, (mtcsol)Requirements:

- men and women not limited;

- college or bachelor degree or above, fluent in can heard that Japanese or English is preferred;

- three years working experience in business;

- has a wide range of social relation network and network resources, have the ability to develop high-end customers, high-end channels, have working experience in the industry better, have better customer resources;

, honesty, humility, hard work, and with high team work spirit and high work enthusiasm.

High - base salary, commission, specific negotiable.

2. The merchandiser

- female, looks good, high school or technical secondary school degree or above;

- can reply email in English is preferred;

- 1 years experience in merchandiser, familiar with the merchandiser process;

- has the team spirit, strong communication and coordination ability, a strong sense of responsibility;

- salary negotiable.

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